Anschutz 9779 Iris 6-Colour

A high-quality iris aperture from ahg-Anschutz with 5 glass filters in light grey, dark gray, orange, yellow and blue (you...


Anschutz 341 'Swing' Sling

The shooting sling SWING is the latest development of ahg-Anschütz. This is a sling with combined precise adjustment. This sling...


Anschutz 292 Kit Bag

The ahg-sport bag opens up in the middle. One side is a large compartment for storing jackets, trousers, and other...

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Anschutz 194 Shooting Vest

It is not only the shooting jacket which is important for the shooter but also the underwear. The AHG shooting...


Anschutz 4752 Handstop

Hand Stop with Sling Swivel


Anschutz 154 Coldwinner Top

COLD WINNER patented high-tech fabric with a wide range of versatility. Whether in cold of 27 °C below zero or...


Anschutz 4506 Torque Wrench

An essential item for rifle maintenance. Allows tightening the bedding bolts of target rifles to a constant torque. Adjusting range from...


Anschutz 4751 Handstop

HANDSTOP with sling swivel:- Individually adjustable


ahg-Anschutz Soft Rifle Case

Rucksack-style carry straps Slot for name tag Especially sturdy zipper Zippers can be locked (lock not supplied) Rubber hose at...


Anschutz Race 9460

Front sight holder RACE The new designed front sight holder Race is an alternative to the traditional system. It has some...


Anschutz 290 Kit Bag

ahg-SHOOTING BAG with wheels: The ahg-shooting bag with wheels accommodates all the necessary shooting equipment for the need of a...


Anschutz Canting Foresight

Cantable foresight from Anschutz. Designed for 1813-onward Anschutz rifles with the dovetails cut into the barrels. Accepts plastic elements, high-end...


Anschutz 9794 Bipod FREE

The ahg-Anschutz Bipod FREEWe have found this to be the best engineered folding bipod on the market. The lightweight hard...


Centra Globe Foresight

GLOBE FRONT SIGHT:- For Anschutz models 1907-2013 and air rifles Plastic elements only.


ahg-Anschutz Slotted Foresight Tunnel

ahg-Anschütz foresight tunnel with slot for metal apertures M18 Cantable tunnel Threaded both ends for accessories Made for 19xx &...


Anschutz 9510 Iris

For all current rearsights Aperture adjustment range from 0.8-2.2


Anschutz Anschutz 9758 Foresight 18mm

ahg-Anshutz 9758 fore sight 18mm Ready to accept 18mm metal elements, or plastic elements with the ahg foresight element clamp. Cantable...


Anschutz Strong Foresight

The new ahg-front sight STRONG has the following characteristics: Milled from full material, therefore especially strong. Special lateral clearing for...


Anschutz 9450 Monoframe

For 25 mm Spectacle Lens. Your individual, improved spectacle lens is put in the ahg-monoframe. With the help of a...

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Anschutz 335 Sling

Optimum connection of the sling to the shooter‘s jacket is ensured by a slewable metal clip on the ahg sling...