Anschutz 154 Coldwinner Top

COLD WINNER patented high-tech fabric with a wide range of versatility. Whether in cold of 27 °C below zero or...


ahg-Anschutz Constant Anschutz Sling

Optimum connection of the sling to the shooter‘s jacket is ensured by a slewable metal clip on the ahg sling...


Ahg-Anschutz Concept I Glove

The ahg-Anschütz Concept I is feature-packed and designed to give you the most comfortable shooting experience possible.   Breathable air...

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Anschutz 6226 Handstop

Aluminium handstop, to fit all standard rifle rails. Comes with a detachable sling loop. Diameter: 32mm Grip depth: 16mm Available...


Anschutz 110 Glove Color 2

5-finger glove. TOP GRIP padding. Stretch material at the wrist. According to ISSF + DSB-rules. Color: red-blue-black. Sizes: XS, S,...


ahg-Anschutz 99 Trigger Gel Glove

Lightweight glove for the trigger hand. The tophand of the Trigger Gel glove is made from lightweight and breathable spandex...


ahg-Anschutz 1202 Button Buddy Horn

'- For easy closing of the shooting jacket.- For every pocket.- Top Design.


AHG Headband & Blinder 317

Basic but essential bit of kit. One-up from a bit of old card stuck under your cap!


ahg-Anschutz 301 Neoprene Cap

Protection from scattering light.Flexible and light, thus comfortable to wear.Corresponds to ISSF + DSB-rules.Material:100% PU.


Anschutz 2105 Pellet Wok

Using the ahg-pellet wok it is much easier to pick single pellets from the ammo tin. Made from a special...

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Anschutz Cleaning Patches

'- 50 cleaning patches.- For optimum gun care.- Absorbant and free of fluff.