Target Sales Update

The following targets are now back on sale, with new designations to indicate their validity:

Please click here for an update from the NSRA competitions department.

Please click here for more details regarding targets that may be unfit for national competition.

A reminder of the returns procedure is included below.

We will only replace targets that:

  • are unused and
  • are one of the following:

   - PL14/06
   - 2510BM/89 *
   - Air 3/89
- 2510BR/15 and

  • were purchased after 1st January 2017.
* For 2510BM/89 only:
  • targets purchased or exchanged between 1st January 2017 and 20th September 2018 will be replaced.
  • those purchased or exchanged after 20th September 2018 will not be replaced.

To arrange your return by post please email using the subject line ‚ÄėTarget Replacements‚Äô with:

  • Two simple photographs for each target type that requires exchange:

   - A photo showing the target face.
   - A photo showing the approximate size of the stack. (Please see example photos).

  • Your invoice number for each associated purchase. If you purchased in the Shop it will be a 9-digit number beginning 2017... or 2018... or you purchased online it will be a 4-digit order number.

If you would prefer to return to the Shop for an exchange please:

  • Bring your targets with you. We will only exchange what you bring.
  • Bring your receipt or order, or copies thereof.