Anschutz Keramik Coat

Anschütz Gun Coating is a heavy-duty ceramic coating for all types of firearms and knives.Anschütz Gun Coating has excellent lubricating...


Anschutz Rubber Eye Cup

Fits most rear sight iris'


Anschutz 4709P Buttplate Spacer 8mm

8mm spacer for the Anschutz 4709 adjustable buttplate. Clever design on the bolt slots allows you to just slacken off...


Anschutz 2105 Pellet Wok

Using the ahg-pellet wok it is much easier to pick single pellets from the ammo tin. Made from a special...


Anschutz Micro Fibre Towel

This microfiber towel is treated with anti-bacterial properties weaved right into the fabric, providing an easy way to keep clean...


Anschutz Plastic Elements

High quality polished plastic elements. The preferred standard nowadays for high light transmission and best sight picture.  Available from stock...


Anschutz 4818 Cheek Piece Foam

Adhesive foam to improve Grip On Cheek Piece


Anschutz 508 Pull Through Wicks

Refill pack for Ahg 507 Pull Through.- 32 cotton wicks for rifles and pistols


ahg Pellet Pouch

Useful neoprene pouches with zipper, perfectly suited to transporting pellet tins, rear sight, and/or front sight accessories.


Anschutz Cleaning Patches

- 50 cleaning patches.- For optimum gun care.- Absorbant and free of fluff.


Anschutz Metal Element

18mm Foresight element to fit Anschutz sights. These have now been discontinued by Anschutz, and are available only while stocks...


Anschutz 199 Spare Button

Replacement button for shooting jackets. Made from plastic Includes screw.