Anschutz Quick Release Clamp

To Replace 4mm bolts on Anschutz stocks for a quicker adjustment.


Anschutz Cleaning Rod Guide

An essential cleaning accessory. Guides the rod into the bore and prevents solvent and dirt leaking down into the trigger...


Anschutz Match 64 Rod Guide

Aluminium rod guide for Anschutz Match 64 actions. Designed to assist the cleaning rod to slide centrally and smoothly into...


Uni Tool X

Suitable for common front sight tunnels, diopters, schaft and hook caps, as well as handstops 4 tools: allen key sizes...


Anschutz 507 Pull Through

The cotton wicks are pressed into the barrel and remove all residues of gun powder and dirt. - The bolt...


Anschutz 4806 Sight Knobs

For ANSCHÜTZ rear sight 6805 / 7002.


Anschutz Race Foresight Elements 9465

Clear foresight elements for the Race foresight. Available in sizes from 3.8 to 5.0.


Anschutz 4805 Bolt Handles

These replacement bolt handles for Anschutz rifles are not just decorative, but they're practical too. Rubber o-rings and a longer shaft...


Anschutz 1202 Jacket Button Spoon

- For easy closing of the shooting jacket.- For every pocket.- Top Design.

Sold Out

Anschutz Push Release Sling Swivel

ahg-Anschutz 6226-13 Sling Swivel. Fits Anschutz and Evans Hand stops.


Anschutz 317 Headband with Blinder

Basic but essential bit of kit. One-up from a bit of old card stuck under your cap!


Anschutz 4733-10 Sling Swivel

Ball end sling swivel to fit Anschutz 4751 hand stop.


Anschutz Fast Clamp Knob

Replacement screw for Anschutz rifles. Allows for easy adjustment of buttplates and some cheekpieces, keeping the equipment you need on...


SafePack Pellet Case

The solution for safely transporting air pellets.The SafePack protects your ammunition from degradation, even after the tin has been opened....


Anschutz 4804 Bolt Knobs

High-quality anodised aluminium replacement bolt handles. Fits Anschutz rifles. IMPORTANT: Anschutz bolt handles are fixed in place with loctite or similar thread-lock glue....


Anschutz Race Black Contrast Ring 9467

ahg-Anschutz contrast ring for the Race foresight. Helps focus the eye like a foresight tunnel, but without blocking any light.


Anschutz Foresight Element Clamp

Anschutz element clamping ring to allow the use of plastic apertures in foresight tunnels designed for metal elements. Also for...


Anschutz Black Match

For perfect blackening of front sight, rear sight and barrel. To be used like a lighter to darken the desired...


Anschutz 301 Neoprene Cap

Protection from scattering light.Flexible and light, thus comfortable to wear.Corresponds to ISSF + DSB-rules.Material:100% PU.


Rear Sight Bag

This high density foam bag protects high-grade optics from damages. The foam cushions of 2.5 cm on each side protect...