Ahg-Anschutz Concept I Glove

The ahg-Anschütz Concept I is feature-packed and designed to give you the most comfortable shooting experience possible.   Breathable air...


Pistol Shooting

All you need to know about the sport of pistol shooting. 1st English edition, 2013, 224 pages, colour, over 1,200...


Air Rifle Training and Competition

This book is exclusively concerned with 10 metre air rifle shooting. 3-positions and shooting with a support are also dealt...


Anschutz Stock Rail

Grooved rail for handstops and bipods.


Anschutz 7434 Trigger Blade

Adjustable aluminium trigger blade, suitable for all Anschutz rifles.


Ways of the Rifle

This is a must have for every shooter, the standard all other shooting books are measured by. Written by German...


Anschutz Race Eagle Eye 9470

'Eagle eye' magnifying diopters for the Race sight.(.75x available on request) Available in .3x and .5x.


Anschutz 6226 Handstop

Aluminium handstop, to fit all standard rifle rails. Comes with a detachable sling loop. Diameter: 32mm Grip depth: 16mm Available...


ahg-Anschutz 9469 Race Level

Spirit level to fit Race sights.


Anschutz 9717 Ball Trigger Shoe

For Anschutz 5018 and 5071 triggers.- Variable height adjustment.- 360° rotating trigger ball.- Variable length adjustment of trigger blade. - More...


Anschutz 110 Glove

5-finger glove. TOP GRIP padding. Stretch material at the wrist. According to ISSF + DSB-rules. Color: red-blue-black. Sizes: XS, S,...


Anschutz 1322 Bolt Protector

The ahg-Anschutz bolt protector is for the safety of bolts during travel or storage and to keep the bolt not...


Anschutz 6923 4mm Sight Rising Blocks

Clever design transfers the clamping force from your fore- or rearsight through the raiser, to the rail.  Rear raiser will...


Master Competitive Pistol Shooting Book

An update of the long since sold out classic book “Pistol Shooting”, by Ragnar Skanåker, Olympic Gold medalist and World...


Mental Training in Shooting

Sold Out

Anschutz 361 Kneeling Roll

Cork filled for comfortable support of ankle joint. No marks due to zippers in the front end. Robust hanger for...


Anschutz 310 Headband with Flip-up Blinder

Corresponds to ISSF regulations. The headband has a plastic joint holder. The knurled screw enables the shooter to adjust the...


Anschutz 325 Shooting Cap

Ideal for keeping unwanted glare away from your face while shooting. Side flaps can be dropped down to provide extra...


Anschutz Air Cylinder Tool

Tool for fixing and releasing compressed air cylinders.


ahg-Anschutz Trigger Gel Glove

Lightweight glove for the trigger hand. The tophand of the Trigger Gel glove is made from lightweight and breathable spandex...