Offensive Weapons Bill debate 15th Oct 2018

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The Offensive Weapons Bill is to be debated on Monday 15th October 2018. The following amendment, which is the new Clause 3 and which had been unsuccessful in the previous debate, has been re-tabled.

The proposed amendment, if accepted, will eliminate the use of Section 11(4) exemption, which is in wide use by NSRA affiliated clubs and organisations, including Scouts and Cadets. Many affiliated clubs benefit from the use of Section 11(4) exemption certificates issued by the NSRA. Any amendment to this valuable legislation will have a significant impact on the management of affiliated clubs and groups.

I have reproduced the amendment below for your information, in addition to providing information on the impact that the loss of the exemption will cause to clubs and organisations.

This is an issue which directly affects airgun and rimfire shooting and must be resisted. The NSRA has made a separate submission to the debate in the hope that the importance of this legislation is not lost on those debating the issue.  

I should be most grateful if you will take the time to raise this very important issue with your local MP as a matter of urgency.

Thank you for your ongoing support,

Chief Executive

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