NSRA Response to the killing of Jo Cox MP on the 16th June 2016

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NSRA Response to the killing of Jo Cox MP on the 16th June 2016

The Directors, Staff and Members of the National Small-bore Rifle Association offer their deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Jo Cox MP, who was tragically and unlawfully killed in Birstall near Leeds, on the 16th of June.

As the National Governing Body for small-bore target shooting sports in the UK, we are naturally sensitised to any unlawful use of firearms in violent and dreadful incidents such as this. While the NSRA is not the licensing authority for firearms in the UK, the use of unlawfully held firearms when used to kill or maim, inevitably raises questions and casts a shadow over the legitimate and law abiding target shooting community. As the National Governing Body for target shooting we make the clear distinction between our sport and the use of guns for any criminal purpose.

Everyone involved in the legal, regulated and legitimate sport of target shooting will be deeply saddened by this news and our sports men and women will be most anxious to stress that the licenced use of firearms in competitive sport has absolutely no connection with criminal incidents of this nature.

Although there is little firm information at the time of writing, it is often the case that crimes of this kind are committed by those who have no legal right to hold firearms and no connection with any regulating body.

We offer our sincere condolences to Jo’s family and all who were close to her.

The Directors, Staff and Members

National Small-bore Rifle Association

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