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24 March 2020 09:00

Having monitored the situation regarding Coronavirus and the way things are rapidly progressing, I have looked at the things that we would need to start organising now for the next three major competitions and events. As this would involve considerable cost to the Association and with no guarantee that the events will go ahead, I have decided to cancel the following events:

  1. The 50m Rifle Championships programmed for the 5-7 June 2020
  2. The Bench-rest Championships 13-14 June 2020
  3. The Scottish Meeting 27 June-3 July 2020

Depending on what happens over the next few months the Association will assess if these events can be re-organised for another time this year. 

We are also looking at whether the Bisley Meeting can proceed.  The same practicalities apply in that detailed planning for the event would start at the beginning of April and the cost of organising the infrastructure for this meeting is considerable. The Board and I will make a final decision about the Bisley Meeting by the end of this month and share the decision with everyone as a matter of urgency.

Iain Root – Chief Executive Officer

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